Tuesday, October 5, 2010

now that ive had some time to think...

Now that ive had some time to think...a few things have really caught my attention. I guess one of the main things is that ive come to realize that I appreciate the more simple things in life. Im not blown head over heels for the flashy the goddy and the over the top simply because of the fact. It just doesn't do anything for me. When it comes to nature i feel that grandiosity in a natural form is amazing but to force something to be grand when it doesn't need to be or to get a few stares isnt my taste. I guess I can relate this to fashion by saying i think designers like McQueen and Viktor & Rolf are amazing not because of how grand and attention catching their clothes are but how they manage to be attention catching without looking over processed. does that make any sense. I think that's what makes a great designer...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The First Few days of RESET

this is my first entry in my diary for my self-reflection and finding myself i guess you could say...
well if you read my other blog i mentioned that i was creating a diary-ist type blog.
which is kinda different cuz in my blog i'm usually talking about fashion and my interests but never about me..
which in this blog i am so, it's a little bit Raw. It's really weird to reflect on this blog i guess due to knowing that random people can just look and see my personal thoughts out in the public and i'm very sheltered about my personal feelings and thoughts..so i think this will be a little difficult for me.but maybe this will help other people like its doing for me.:)
when me and my friends started this idea i was really nervous cause fashion is my life but after two days i realized that im doing just fine so im really proud of me!!
but at the same time i've been thinking about my life in this point in time and how i feel...
sometmes it gets really boring where i live doing the same thing over and over again feeling like a robot in a rotation if that makes sense..until i lay down in y bed and just reflect as im doing right now
sometimes i wish i could just have a moment and not worry about the trials and tribulations of life...
i guess i should stop and get some sleep for the night ,so let's see what the next day will bring.:)


my first few days..

day one was normal... the next few days ill be reflecting..writing...drawing